This always makes me crazy.  If you have Bugatti money...get a driver!  I mean it's inexcusable for anyone to drive under the influence but when you could afford to get home any number of ways, then choose to drive drunk ? I just don't understand it.  This is definitely a "Low" point for Flo Rida.  He was arrested for DUI in Miami Beach.  In addition, Flo Rida was also charged with knowingly driving with a suspended license.

Flo was partying in up in Miami's Dream nightclub until the wee hours Thursday, and then tried to drive his 2008 Bugatti home.  According to a police report, the rapper was pulled over just before 4am because the car was swerving.  After a breathalyzer test,  his blood alcohol level turned out to be .185, more than twice the legal limit.

DUI, you can't afford it.  But Flo Rida can, apparently.