A friend of mine and former DJ here at the station, Bob Michaels, has a new product called 'THE CELL BUCKLE', which will be the focus of tonight's episode of the popular show 'American Choppers' tonight.   I will interview Bob today and you can hear the interview  at around 4:50 p.m. and 5:35 p.m. (part 2).

It's one thing to get Paul Senior to build a bike for your company, but I think it is far less likely to end up on the show...but it did.  One of the main reasons is that Bob went to Jr. first to get the bike built and it just didn't work out.

Jason Pool the designer at O.C.C also gets into the drama when he throws the Cell Buckle bike off the lift in the promo (though it was just in the mock up stage).    You can check out the CELL BUCKLE here.

Tell us what you think of the bike!  Spoiler Alert! Here is the completed bike!