When they first brought up the idea to giveaway a "Big Green Egg"  with our K-Fox 955 VIP Program I admit I was very excited!   I have wanted one for years!  Then I realized that I couldn't win.  Sad as I was I knew it would get you interested in entering to win the VIP.

I have actually had the honor of seeing this thing in action.  A couple of years back Morrison Supply was cooking for us at Lumberjack Alley in the commuter parking lot of SFA before the home football games.  I looked on in amazement as they put on a rack of ribs.  I said, "Hey I came to eat guys and ribs take hours, your killin' me!"  They just smiled and said, "We have some other stuff to cook".   What they didn't tell me is that the ribs would be done in about an hour, perfectly smoked, delicious, and beautiful.  Seriously, in no time flat I was sold.  Then they told me you could cook a pizza in it.  This thing will MAKE your 4th of July!  Win a Large Big Green

So enter to win a large big green egg and stand valued at $1,000 today the drawing is this Friday!  CLICK HERE TO ENTER