Well if you ever watched 'The Andy Griffith Show' or 'Gomer Pyle: USMC' you might have heard this long drawn out phrase.  Well golly!  That's exactly what I sad when news came out today that 82-year-old Jim Nabors came out of the closet and revealed that he married his partner for 38 years 64 year old Stan Cadwallader.  Apparently they got together back in 1975 and despite an 18 year age difference, have been living together ever since.

While this is the first time we had ever heard anything about his sexuality, Nabors says that he talked about it to various co-workers and friends since the 60's and 70's.  It's amazing that it never got out.  So I hope you sit next to grandpa tonight and watch an old episode of Andy Griffith.  Let him know that good ole "Gomer" is homosexual.  Perhaps that will change his mind about a few things.

Here is a clip that combines 2 things he does best. Act like Gomer Pyle, and sing.