I am not much of a dancer, but if I had known you could boil it all down to science, who knows. It is apparently all about how you move your right leg. These tips might make you a club master!

Your dancing says a lot about you. Mine says "Hey! Look at this guy, he never even tried to learn to dance." So if you are thinking you can't quite figure out why you can't dance, get some knowledge.

A recent study used film of men dancing, to compare and contrast dancers moves, using motion-capture technology. Then they turned those movements to dancing avatars, then they asked women to rate them for dance quality. Turns out women’s perceptions of “good” and “bad” male dancers depended on movements of the neck, torso, and right knee. A good dancer shows more variations of movement, and right knee movements seem to mean you are right handed....and apparently that is a good trait.

Check out these videos with examples of good and bad dancing and all becomes clear. You clearly want to be like the first one.