As we all know by now, nothing is taboo when it comes to Kelly Clarkson! I remember interviewing her in 2003 and laughing hysterically about the problems inherent with buying tampons when you're Kelly Clarkson. Seriously, can you imagine? People following along saying, 'OMG! Kelly Clarkson uses Tampax!!!' Talk about awkward!

Kelly recently told Cosmopolitan some pretty interesting dish... Like the fact women hit on her... and that she lost 18lbs in ONE MONTH! Of course, that's not as much as the reported 40 lbs some tabloids are claiming. Heck, I saw her show last Spring and the girl didn't have 40 lbs to lose!

So how did the original American Idol slim down? Easy! No fads, just smaller portions, no late night snacking and she stepped it up on her exercise routine. That's it! She also claims she was really busy at the time so she didn't have as much time to eat and that when things slow down for her, she might get a bit fluffier. I say you go girl! Real women's weight fluctuates. Heck, I'm the biggest I've ever been right now since I'm fighting a big battle with quitting smoking. I'll take the weight, and the fight I'll have taking it off to be healthier in the long run! FYI, she also mentioned that being in love might have something to do with her weight loss as well. Let's face it, it's important to look good naked!