And I loved it! Star Trek Into Darkness was fantastic. Find out why I thought it was so great after the cut.

It was so good that I had to pose for an awkward photo with this thing on my way out of the theater.

The cast was amazing, and Benedict Cumberbun Cumberbatch is possibly the best villain ever. John Cho shines as Sulu. Really, he's a total bad@ss when given the chance. And Zachary Quinto is HILARIOUS as Spock. And dammit, he almost made me cry at one point.

Some people in the screening I saw were a little miffed that JJ Abrams let the story veer away from canon, but that didn't bother me. I watched Next Generation and some of the original Star Trek enough as a kid to recognize cameo appearances and get some of the inside jokes, but not enough to know that OMG JJ ABRAMS CHANGED SOMETHING. So for me, it worked.

Seriously, go see it. It's got palm sweating, anxiety ridden moments... laughs... sentimentality... Such a good movie.