I am a complete idiot. I had two plastic grocery bags to take care of this morning. One with important papers, table signs for a banquet, invites to respond to, etc... The other was dirty cat litter that needed to be taken to the trash on the way out the door this morning. Guess which one I realized I had this morning when I pulled up to work? Seriously, where has my mind gone? Is it because the dogs had me up at 5:30am? My day continued with the Starbuck's at Target, whose coffee making machine (???) was inoperable followed by not able to get in the Mystic this morning. UGGHHHH! None of it's really a big deal and I'm  not really upset. Don't sweat the small stuff, right? But on some level, you do have to laugh. In a million years, when they're excavating our land fills trying to figure out what kind of a civilization we were (like we do combing through ancient ruins) they're going to find plastic bags of cat sh!t. They'll think we revered cat feces! After all, I go to all that trouble to bag it up and preserve it in plastic every day... I'll take double bagged please!