According to 50 Best Buy stores across the nation are scheduled to close.  So of course the first thing I did was to look and make sure that ours was not on the list.   Looks like we are safe for now, but this might be a sign of things to come.  Sites like eBay and Amazon are undercutting them with low overhead, and better prices.

The big box store has been in trouble around the nation and things aren't looking good.  The company is reporting a damaging $1.7 billion loss for the first three months of 2012. That came a year after announcing profits of $651 million — a worrying turnaround in the space of just 12 months.

But some of our fellow Texans are feeling the crunch with closures. Techridge Best Buy on I-35 in Austin is set to close, and the Woodlake Parkway Best Buy in San Antonio.  But both of these towns have multiple locations in them, so perhaps we are better off than we think.