Rumors have been circling the internet over the last few days regarding the legality of 'twerking,' which is now in the limelight thanks to Miley Cyrus' interesting MTV VMA performance last month with Robin Thicke

Turns out, it was all idle gossip. Twerking isn't illegal as earlier suspected in DeQuincy, Louisiana. The town was the subject of another false story by a website designed to look like an official news website.

According to rumor, the town of DeQuincy, LA has had such a big problem with twerking, that they've made it illegal... and punishable with 30 days in jail when convicted of your first offense.

The funny thing is, people actually believed this was legit. One of the comments online at the National Report said, 'About time somebody did something to stop those heathens from jigglin’, shakin’ and dry humping before marriage. Bravo!' If you're looking for more comment goodness, there are so many, you have to check them out yourself!

Oh my! What a great gag!!!! I'm glad it's all just a joke... not that I'm a mad twerker or anything.