To be honest, I always forget what a poker run is. This time they are using boats and I want to play. 

I personally have never competed in a poker run. Mostly because I don't drive the type of vehicles required to participate, usually. So since It is called poker, I figured that game was involved, and I was right! You just go around to all the different checkpoints on your vehicle, usually set by the rules, and pick up cards. There can be up to 7 checkpoints, and you are picking up cards to have the best had at poker when it's all over.

This Saturday there will be one, and since it will be on the lake, they will be using boats. "Poker Run On the BEND!" starts on Saturday at 9am on the Toledo Bend Reservoir. You will gather your cards as you make your way around beautiful Toledo Bend lake. Pick up all 7 cards at the 7 stops.

Sabine County via Facebook
Sabine County Facebook

Once everyone gets back, you finally look at the cards and try to make the best 5 hand card out of the 7 you pick up. There will be a special wild card, cash prize for the best poker hand, and best decorated boat.

We will be there from 2-4pm to let people know about the event, if it's something you are interested in being a part of then just go to the Sabine County Tourism & Visitors Bureau. Their website has the details or check out their facebook event page.