Tuesday afternoon, Dan P. posted a link to a website that could measure your height in giraffes, Danny Devitos, Skittles, and Cheetos. Today, we found out for ourselves.

Dan posted a link to the website How Many Tall? on Tuesday, which claimed that our favorite afternoon DJ on K-Fox was 36.5 Cheetos tall. I thought that number sounded low, so I went out and got a bag of orange puffed cheese snacks to test it.

I spent the afternoon here at the station stringing them together with a needle and some fishing line. When I was done, my fingers were covered in Cheeto dust so thick I couldn't move them. The new Cheeto measuring tape was 51 Cheetos long.

Dan is six feet and one inch tall, which seemed like too much for just 36 Cheetos to cover.

We strung up the snacks in the K-Fox studio, and Dan measured himself. I don't know if it was because of the different lengths of each piece, but he only measured 33 Cheetos tall here.


What does this tell us? For one, the average length of a Cheeto seems to be longer than the website assumed. Second, Dan likes strange decorations in his studio - he's left the Cheetos hanging up in his window. Come on by if you want a snack.