Have you seen the new commercial for Justin Bieber's female fragrance 'Someday'? I couldn't help but laugh.

I could never picture the Biebster being a perfume expert - I guess his reps don't think he's made enough money this year, or that he hasn't had enough television and internet exposure.

Would you buy his new perfume, just to imagine Justin Bieber kissing your neck?

Watch Justin Bieber's new fragrance commercial:

What's up with celebrities creating their own fragrance collections? Are they self-conscious about being smelly? I feel like they need to stick to what they know - acting, singing, dancing, etc. and let the perfume experts handle the fragrance business.

Below are some more celebrity perfume ads I found on YouTube. Do you own any of these?

Tell us - Which one is your favorite?

Britney Spears - Radiance

Rihanna - Reb'l Fleur

Avril Lavigne - Black Star

Jennifer Lopez - Love and Glamour

Fergie - Outspoken

Beyonce - Heat

Christina Aguilera - Inspire