Justin Timberlake has been linked with Oliva Wilde a lot lately, sparking the romance rumors. But secretly, he's been hooking up with... Ashley Olsen.

A source told Us Weekly that the two have been secretly hooking up but are trying to keep it low-key. Justin's rep of course denied this, saying they are just friends that are not romantically involved. But who really admits to being with Ashley Olsen.

Even with all the ladies he's running around with, he's still feeling the love for Jessica Biel. In a recent Vanity Fair interview, he says that she is the single-handedly most significant person in his life. He wouldn't say much more than that because he wants to protect the things most dear to him, like her. When asked about his other ex, Britney Spears, he said quote, 'I wish her the best. That goes without saying. We haven't spoke in 9 or 10 years.'

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