He's got six Grammys and two Emmys.  He's got a clothing line, a vodka brand, a golf course, a six handicap, a few restaurants and a super-hot girlfriend.  He's got a burgeoning acting career, millions of fans and millions of dollars.  He's involved in charitable causes and is liked by almost everybody.  About the only bad thing he ever did was expose JANET JACKSON's breast during the Super Bowl halftime show.  So let's have a toast to JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, who celebrates his 30th birthday today.

Few other young entertainers these days can boast of a track record like Justin's.  About the only thing he hasn't accomplished in his three decades is something that 75% of his peers have already done, according to his hometown paper, the Memphis Commercial Appeal: he hasn't gotten married or had kids. (ABC NEWS)

As far as I know he has also stayed away from rehab, and relationship scandles.  I think things are going pretty well for this ex-mouseketeer.  DP