In the radio business, there is a constant struggle between the folks you hear on the air, the music programming staff, and the folks who keep the lights on and the bills paid, the sales staff. Today, this struggle became real.

All it took was a light dusting of snow to blanket Lufkin and the K-Fox 95.5 studios, and Dan and the sales team took to the front yard for a brief, but intense, snowball fight.

Dan is fighting to protect you, the listener, from more commercials. He's getting pelted by wet balls of slushy snow so that Kesha, One Direction, Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, and all of your favorite tunes can be heard on K-Fox. Paula and Tracy are fighting to get another couple of commercials played before you get to hear more Imagine Dragons, Katy Perry, or Fall Out Boy.

Who wins? You decide.