We are having a blood drive with the Blood Center – East Texas at the radio station in Lufkin today from from now until 6pm6. Two giant blood donation coaches are in the parking lot right now so you shouldn't have to wait long. Looks like they are getting everyone in a very timely manner right now and the organization is top notch!

Everyone who donates blood, or attempts to, will get a free t-shirt, plus we have a supply of $20 gift cards to give away to Casa Ole. The first 35 blood donors will get a Casa Ole gift card.

You could save up to 3 lives with every donation today! You can save lives right here in East Texas. There is no substitute for blood – that’s why blood donors are so important!
In our East Texas hospitals, patients rely on blood donations every day. Your donation could help save the life of a premature baby, a cancer patient, a trauma victim or someone else in need.

Automated donation technology allows donors to give only the blood components that are most needed, and the remaining components are returned back to you.

You can make an appointment to give blood by calling 639-4455.