Ahead of his show in Boston last night, Kanye West made a surprise stop at Harvard University to inspire some architecture students with a couple of emotional and motivational words.

This was a really nice side of Kanye to see -- standing all alone, on a table, talking to what looks like the entire architecture department at Harvard last night. He touches on his portrayal in the media, his insecurities about performing, his philosophy on good design, and of course, an offer to take everybody to his show later on.

It's cool to see Kanye being this honest and up-front with these students. His thoughts about not holding back their creativity and not worrying about what the status quo thinks are genuinely inspiring! He even cracks jokes about the architecture students not being too hard on his stage design: "I'm a bit self-conscious because I'm showing it to architects... The stage does have flaws in it! It's an expression of emotion, so give me a pass on that!"

Right on, Kanye. You do you.