Been having a great time on the air every day at 4:50pm during my show making winners with Coca Cola and Powerade.  It's a very nice prize pack.  Got some Powerade bottles, towels, bags, drink mix and a case of Powerade.  We stepped it up this past Tuesday and hit the streets.  We had 6 prize packs to give away while we were there!  Plus everyone that gets a prize pack gets a chance to equip their team with a 500 hundred dollar Hibbett Sports gift card.

Everyone at our first stop at Polk's in Hudson on Hwy 94 and 706 was very friendly and we had a great time hanging out there and making winners.  On Tuesday we are doing it again, headed to Polk's #20 on Denman in Lufkin and getting 6 more winners!  So show up there if you want to win, who knows perhaps you will end up on the website like these guys did!