Kidd Kraddick and his morning team featured three clips in their news segment this morning, and I found it hard not to laugh while I was driving to work!

We want to know, which one is your favorite?

1) Sweet Brown

The first clip is called 'Sweet Brown', and shows a woman getting interviewed by the KFOR news crew in Oklahoma City. She explains that she was on her way to grab a "cold pop", then she smelled smoked and thought someone was barbecuing, until she realized it was a fire and she had to run for her life....without shoes. Watch the clip below for all of the hilarious one-liners:


2) Giggle Attack

Clip number two features news anchor and talk show host Anderson Cooper - and his second giggle attack in less than a year. Who wouldn't laugh at the 'Dyngus Day' tradition?

3) Bear Encounter

The last video shows how dangerous texting can be. Vaz Terdandenyan was texting his boss before heading to work, when he suddenly encountered a huge black bear in his Los Angeles neighborhood! His reaction is pretty funny:

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