If you are a ravenous "little monster" and Lady Gaga fan and you must hear everything she has ever done, you don't want to miss this. The video is of poor quality and just a bunch of dudes walking around. Awesome clothes I am sure but the point of the video is the song in the back ground. Give us a comment on what you think of the music! DP

The remix features Gaga chanting the word "Mugler" repeatedly, and also speaking German. Accordingto Billboard, the translation of the German is something like, "I am absolutely clear/as long as I'm a Monster/I wish we all could be blind/You're amazing out there."

A good-quality version of the track will premiere Thursday at noon ET at Stylist.com and at Mugler.com. It'll be soundtracking a short film created by Mugler creative director NICOLA FORMICHETTI, who is also one of Gaga's stylists. (ABC NEWS)