Lady Gaga was set to premiere her eagerly-anticipated video for the song "You and I" on MTV on Thursday, but apparently, she couldn't wait any longer.    Along with the link, she included this message: "You must love all + every part of me, as must I, for this complex + incomprehensible force to be true."

In the video, a half-human, half-metal Gaga, clad in a long black dress, sunglasses and hat, is seen walking down a dusty road.  Then, she spots a farmhouse in the distance.  More flashbacks, and then we see an innocent-looking Gaga playing the piano in the middle of a cornfield with no makeup on.  On top of the piano sits Gaga's greaser-looking male alter-ego, Jo Calderone.

Well I could just keep telling you what's going on in the video, or you could just watch it!  I think it is just crazy.  Kept me watching for sure.