Listener Appreciation Party Sponsor 2018

Head Pediatrics is sponsoring the K-Fox 95.5 Listener Appreciation Party at Splash Kingdom in Nacogdohces!


The K-Fox crew will be handing out passes to the party, but you'll have to be listening and engaging online to get the invitation!

Download our free mobile app on either Android or Apple devices, and get ready for our very first INTERACTIVE SCAVENGER HUNT!

Our newest feature, the scavenger hunt will be fun for the whole family. You'll be able to answer quiz questions, find hidden code words on our sites, and collect points and challenge your friends by actually going out into the world and catching creatures. Yeah, we've got that technology now too, :)

The Scavenger Hunt will start toward the end of July, and run all the way up until the party on August 16th at 6:30 PM.

You'll also be able to win vouchers to get into the party by visiting DJ Dan Patrick at all the East Texas locations he'll be visiting in the time between now and the evening at Splash Kingdom!

To be one of our special guests, you'll have to show us you're really a fan.