We'll see you in the Twittersphere on Sunday at 7:00PM for music's biggest night!

Fire up your smartphones, get Tweetdeck warmed up, and let the pigeons out because that's not the kind of tweeting we're talking about.

I'll be at the wheel, or the keyboard, blasting out Tweets like wildfire on Sunday night during The Grammys. I wanna hear from you too! Hit us up @Kfox955 or with the hashtag #grammyfox.

If you're psyched to see Daft Punk take to the stage and perform live for the first time in almost forever, tell us! If you want to let us know how you feel about Taylor Swift winning every. Single. Award. You can tell us that, too! Confused about why Metallica is still relevant enough to show up and perform? We can figure it out together.

I'll see you out there!