Lufkin Police Officer Blake Witherspoon was given a "no bill" from a grand jury. They concluded that he acted appropriately in the line of duty and saw no grounds for criminal charges. Now the video can be released.

Lufkin Police Department VIA Facebook

I did not post the video of this incident on purpose. There is graphic language, and really the most graphic thing you can see, someone losing their life. But you can click the picture above and it will direct you to the Lufkin Police Departments Facebook page, where it is posted at this time.

We all remember the story back in March. But now there are more details since the case has been closed, and video released. Officer Witherspoon arrived to a scene of Epthen Johnson on top of a man, stabbing and cutting at his head and neck. Multiple commands of let me see your hands, warning shots, nothing the officer did caused Johnson to stop or even notice that he was there. The officer recognized the signs of PCP intoxication, and did not believe the Taser would be effecting tool to stop the attack and thus saving the victims life.

Officer Witherspoon will return to patrol duty as soon as next week.