Meet Bella. Bella is a Bullmastiff puppy and she's the newest member of our family. My friend Christine had a friend who just had puppies around Thanksgiving and since Keith has ALWAYS wanted a Bullmastiff, guess what I got him for Christmas? A sweet little Bullmastiff girl he promptly named Bella. She was just short of five weeks old when we got her and weighed in at a whopping 2.2 lbs! I'm happy to say that by her six week vet check this past Monday, she was up to 3.5 lbs! If she keeps growing at this rate, I'm screwed! I can't wait until she's grown! Can you imagine a 120+ pound running toward you across a field and calling her Bella? You'd think Xena or something all big and tough, but no, she's our little baby Bella! Surprisingly enough, Mikey and Cam are doing pretty well with her and the cats tolerate her. What was I thinking? Getting a Bullmastiff when we're currently homeless and living with my mom?!?!? Oh well! I can't wait to share her puppy pictures as she grows up!

Here's what we think she'll look like when she's mature! I doubt we'll have to worry about being robbed!