Wednesday night on American Idol, contestant JAMES DURBIN, who'd just performed on a stage with lots of fiery special effects, told RYAN SEACREST that he was worried about having a "Pepsi moment."  What he was referring to was the infamous 1984 incident in which MICHAEL JACKSON's hair caught on fire during a shoot for a Pepsi commercial.  Well, as you might imagine, Michael's family wasn't too happy about the comment.

A Jackson family spokesperson told TMZ, "We were shocked to see this.  It's nothing to make light of and everybody should be focusing on who was responsible for Michael's death."  The rep added that Michael's dad JOE JACKSON was particularly upset that James' comment wasn't edited out for the West Coast feed of the show.

When Michael's hair caught fire during the Pepsi shoot, his scalp was severely burned.  It's commonly thought that the pain he suffered in the accident resulted in his eventual addiction to prescription drugs, an addiction that may have contributed to his death. (ABC)

It was just an aside comment, but I am sure he is going to have to apologize for it. DP