According to exclusive reports provided to E! News, the That 70's Show costars have made it official! And Mila has the ring to prove it!

Ashton and Mila have been an item since early 2012, just seven months after Ashton very publicly split with Demi Moore. Photos published today and confirmed by E!'s sources show Mila rocking a massive diamond ring.

I love That 70's Show, so this is pretty much the best news ever. Jackie and Kelso! Engaged in real life! If you get real quiet and listen closely, you can hear the sounds of literally dozens of fan-fiction writers high fiveing.

Kurtwood Smith, who played Red on That 70's Show, was quoted by E! saying:

"It's amazing, they're both great people, so I'm happy for them."

In fact, at the time, Smith joked, "Maybe they should get married. We'll all go to the wedding and that could be the reunion. It'll be a reality show."

Yes, Red Kurtwood. Absolutely amazing.