We've tackled Ariana Grande's heavenly coos, Selena Gomez's sultry sighs and Demi Lovato's powerhouse pipes in our Best Live Vocals series. And now, it's time to highlight one more teen queen-turned-pop titan from the former Disney princess scene: Miss Miley Cyrus.

While, yes, it's true that Miss Miley has made all sorts of headlines over the past few years for her inspired wardrobe and wandering tongue, many forget that underneath all the cartoonish costumes, there's a truly talented singer with a soulful twang. She's demonstrated her skills many times, from live covers of classics like Fleetwood Mac's "Landslide" to slower renditions of her otherwise #turnt smashes, like "We Can't Stop."

We've picked some of Miley's very best live vocal moments and put them together into one video. Have a favorite? Did we miss your favorite? Let us know which performance you loved in the comments — and be sure to request more artists you'd like to see covered in our Best Live Vocals series.

Miley's Most Outrageous Looks