Now, I have what I think might be the cutest weinie of ALL TIME! His name is Mikey, for LSU’s Mike the Tiger, of course, and he is FIERCE! I found him outside of the radio station. I went outside to get something for our sales manager and he hopped in the back seat of my truck. I’m not going to lie… at first I thought he was an over grown rat! But that sweet little malnourished puppy followed me all over the station and I had to call my husband and let him know he was a new daddy! He loves the little runt too! After all, who better to watch LSU Football with than a ‘Mikey!’ And yes… he has the outfit!

My friend George sent me this video over the weekend knowing I’d like it because of my Mikey! I wish I knew my little dude when he was this small! Maybe he wouldn’t be missing teeth and have jacked up toes, but he’s got a family that loves him now!