Got another happy winner picture to share with you this afternoon! Moody Garden's is one of my favorite places, I especially like the Rainforest Pyramid and the Imax there. Just amazing. But today Alonzo Alverez has his tickets and gets to find out for himself.

I didn't ride "The Colonel Steamboat" last time I went, I have great memories on the boat as a child ,with my cousins. They have a full bar and restaurant on a paddle boat! I remember getting Ice Cream, and it being so good. Might have just been okay Ice Cream and we were all hot and But things have changed there now, they have Schlitterbahn and their own smaller water park as well.

Alonzo got 4 tickets to take the family to Moody Gardens and check out the Pyramids with our giveaway last week with Lufkin Dr.Pepper. We have a great relationship with those guys and we should have tickets to giveaway every season. So sign up in the VIP. Click the VIP button above!