Who couldn't use a little Chuck Norris for the holidays. I think he is a living legend. He took this holiday season as a chance to one up the Volvo commercial which featured Jean-Claude Van Damme doing the splits. There is also a spoof that Channing Tatum did of it. Not to be outdone, the master, Mr. Chuck Norris has responded with his own ‘Epic Christmas Splits’.

Obviously, there was a little trick photography there. It is actually an advertisement for the company that made the video, and not real. But still, nobody, I mean nobody, messes with Chuck Norris! Here are some of my favorite Chuck Norris Facts.

Chuck Norris was bitten by a werewolf. When full moon came, the werewolf turned into Chuck Norris.

When Chuck Norris fell into a creek, he didn't get wet, the creek got Chuck Norrised.

Chuck Norris' favorite color is Chuck Norris