Whether it’s in interviews or books, rappers have owned the responsibility of encouraging the people in their communities to strive for greatness and providing motivation to help those who can lose faith or sight of the bigger picture at times.

While rappers help create their own legacy by following their own motivational words of wisdom, the characters in the animated Comedy Central show Legends of Chamberlain Heights, which airs Wednesdays at 10:30 p.m., follow the same train of thought. Three high school freshmen on the basketball team -- Milk, Grover and Jamal -- tackle the ups and downs of their life on their quest to become legends, all while motivating each other to succeed.

Not only can the Legends of Chamberlain Heights crew use these motivational life quotes from some of the most legendary rappers in the game to get on the path to greatness, but so can you. Check out 10 Motivational Quotes from Legendary Rap Icons here.