Buh-bye, VH1 Classic. Helllllo, MTV Classic! This is what I'm talking about.

From the YouTube info box:

Starting August 1st, VH1 Classic is becoming MTV Classic. Tune in to see all your favorites, Beavis + Butthead, Daria, Pimp My Ride, Punk’d, Jackass, MTV Unplugged and more!

August 1st is important here. It's the 35th anniversary of MTV's original launch; Everything changed on August 1, 1981. MTV has changed television over and over again, with music videos and later reality TV. (Old school Real World, baby!)

From Rolling Stone:

The debut hour of MTV Classic will replicate the first hour of programming in MTV's history. In a nod to modern technology, fans will also be able to watch "MTV Hour One" via Facebook Live on the channel's Facebook page.

After revisiting the 1981 debut, MTV Classic will flit through programming history, looking back at Total Request Live and airing the "most memorable" installments of MTV Unplugged, including episodes featuring Nirvana, Erykah Badu and Bob Dylan. Primetime will feature several popular animated shows, including Beavis & Butt-head and Aeon Flux. On the weekends, the channel plans to serve up "binge-worthy marathons" of shows like Real World and Laguna Beach.