I had this issue last night. For some reason the firewood I have is either very fresh, or is still wet. Been having the hardest time starting a fire in the fireplace and getting it to stay lit. I have been resorting to putting other flammable material in the fireplace to get it going (do not try this at home).

So far the only thing that works every time is cardboard and the wood. Still takes forever so I have been squirting rubbing alcohol on it, doesn't really help. Tried Propylene Glycol, but it's not as flammable as they made it out to be. Even tried some lighter fluid from the BBQ Grill, it was the most flammable, but didn't really get things going either. So far the best thing is just cardboard. I guess I am going to have to go get some other wood that has a bit more oomph!

Trying to figure out what stuff in your house to never put in the fireplace this winter. Here's a great video to help the pyro in you get a fire going.