With Justin Timberlake doing so many movies these days like "The Social Network" and "Yogi Bear" I was wondering if we were ever going to get a new album out of him. Well according to ABC News and his manager it seems so. DP Hey, all you JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE fans who are getting tired of waiting for your boy to make some new music -- we've got good news for you. JT's manager, JOHNNY WRIGHT, tells us, "I guarantee you that you will hear a brand-new Justin Timberlake album within the next 18 months."

Wright says that Justin has been really focused on his film career in the past few years because "when he gets involved in something, he's passionate about it and he wants to take it to fruition." But Wright says when Justin "feels comfortable" with what he's achieved with his acting career, he'll get back to music. Adds Wright, "Whatever [his new music] is going to be, it's going to be fascinating and, like everybody else, I can't wait for him to play it for me." (ABC NEWS)