Bass heads and Bubba Trucks beware, this could be coming to a city near you!  Red light cameras have been employed by many cities including Lufkin, but no one has done anything to catch drivers with noisy cars...until now, the Calgary Herald reports.

The city of Calgary has announced plans to deploy North America’s first Noise Snare, a device that snaps a photo of motorists who drive cars that violate local noise ordinances.  Bill Bruce, Calgary’s director of bylaw services, says the device has been tested for months and proven to be effective in catching vehicles that exceed a certain decibel level.  Bruce says violators will receive a ticket in the mail.

Calgary will first offer residents a chance to test the noise level of their vehicles without penalty before deploying the device next summer.  Unlike red light cameras, the Noise Snare is portable and can be set up anywhere.

Do you think we need these in East Texas to cut down on the noise?