These types of letters have been going home with kids from schools, but one lady took it too far by planning on handing out a mean note instead of candy this Halloween.

I realize that it takes a village, but this takes the cake - I mean candy - right out of your mouth. Reading this letter, you can just tell this person has no children of their own, and doesn't understand psychology.

Fat kids know they are fat. Their parents know they are fat. It doesn't take long for most kids to become self aware. Self-awareness is arguably the most fundamental issue in psychology, period. You pretty much know what's up at around the age of 2.

Putting this note in any kids bag that you think would need it is just stating the obvious, and is pretty much state-sponsored bullying. Anyone that is over the age of 6 has a real good idea what's wrong with them, and teasing at school starts VERY early on. Now I know we need to do something about the obesity rates in this country, but do you think this is the way? Let us know by taking this quick poll below!