Some Rihanna  fans who attended her Friday show in Dallas -- which was cut short due to an onstage fire -- are upset that no refunds are being offered to them.  Some angry fans are even creating Facebook pages to campaign to get at least some of the money that they shelled out.  But I don't think that is going to happen, because when the fire started the singer had already performed 18 songs.  She was planning to do only like 4 more, that is almost considered an encore really.  But also I take into consideration that usually the last 4 songs are the best songs.  Perhaps Ri Ri should have given them all a poster or something.   I mean what are 4 songs worth?  I guess that would have to be a question for some people that paid over 300 dollars for prime seats.    What do you think?  Did you go to the concert?  Comment below on Facebook!