I have long been a fan of the Beastie Boys. I'm going to date myself here but yes, I had Licensed to Ill and I rocked it on cassette in my Volkswagen Rabbit with an Alpine stereo and 15s in the back. It's weird that it took almost a week for it to sink in. He really is GONE.  I had to Fight for My Right to Party. I jammed to She's Crafy, I was down with Paul Revere, and no, there wasn't any sleep til Brooklyn. I couldn't wait for my first taste of Brass Monkey (which totally sucks by the way). The passing of Adam Yauch aka MCA shocked the music world. He and his friends did something no one thought possible. After all, they were three white boys from the suburbs who got taken seriously in the rap game. And they weren't just taken seriously, they became icons. With that, I've decided to visit my iPhone and give you my favorite Beastie  Boys tracks of all time. (The band is and has always been in my top three favs!!!) Rest in Peace MCA, may your legacy live on.