Oscar nominees are getting a sweet gift bag. It's going to include $275 Goop approved toilet paper. It's from Joseph's Toiletries, and best I can tell, it is not lined with gold or anything.

In total, the gift back is worth $200,000.

Also in the bag:

--$300 worth of personalized M&Ms

--$250 vaporizer

--$45,000 worth of Audi rentals from Silvercar (my car cost $13k when I bought it -- NEW)

--$55,000 10-day first-class trip to Israel

--$45,000 15-day walking tour of Japan

--$1,900 “Vampire Breast Lift”  that uses a person’s own blood to rejuvenate the skin

Oscar winners will get an even bigger, better gift bag.

Photo: Flickr/CC