I don't know if I have ever told you guys this but I live in a house full of women 90 percent of the time.  Some don't like Twilight, some do.  I read all the books, I am a sucker for an easy read. Before you ask me to turn in my man card, I lost it a long time ago, so I am not really concerned.  So I am mildly entertained by the Twilight books and movies.  They fall somewhere between Star Wars and any movie that one an Oscar.  Now this lady, on the other hand is a little obsessed with the film and the books.  I have a felling that she spends a lot of time in Twilight chat rooms with other people all day talking and reading about the books, movies, actors and everything involved.  But all this is about to come to and end because this is the final movie of the final book, so she is freaking out watching this last trailer.  I can only imagine going to see this at the movies with her.  Luckily she lives across the pond.  I will warn you this is EXPLICIT and she swears like a sailor so beware.