There are two kinds of people in this world ... Those who like the Easter marshmallow treats known as Peeps, and those who can't stand them.

Oreo as a company must have lost their minds at some point, but I guess it can't be as bad as candy corn flavored Oreo cream.

Personally, I've never minded Peeps. I think they're good, but that also might be due to the fact that they only come around once a year, like the shamrock shake or the McRib.

There's no need to sugar coat it ... here's the video of me and ole Jamesey Wamesey taste testing the limited edition Peeps flavored Oreo cookies.

James refused to follow up the next day with an update on his ... 'movement' but I can confirm that he divulged to me in confidence (This doesn't leave this page) that "it" was PINK!

Everyone at the station was talking about it, and he was pretty embarrassed. We might have to eat more strange colored foods. Help me come up with ways to get James to eat something with tons of purple food coloring. Does anyone have a Barney themed birthday coming up?