Leonardo DiCaprio -   who starred in the gigantic film Titanic has been vaping for at least 3 confirmed years. When he was first sited with his e-cig, cycling around the city, many people were fooled and thought it was an actual cigarette.

Johnny Depp - Johnny Depp is known for being a bad-boy and for smoking, rumors are that he switched to vaping sometime last year.

Katherine Heigl - One of my all time favorite actresses Katherine Heigl loves vaping so much that she brought it onto the letterman show with her and even explained how the device worked and how she enjoyed it.

Letterman - Letterman even takes a puff and by the looks of it, hes no amateur.

Video - Watch as Katherine and Letterman discuss this new healthy alternative.

Robert Patterson -  Apparently Vampires are health conscious too! It's been reported that Patterson is a long time fan of electronic cigarettes and other vaping devices.


Lindsay Lohan -  Maybe were seeing Lindsay finally starting to grow up a little and make better decisions for herself. She can be seen here doing what looks like reading a script while vaping?

Paris Hilton - Paris Hilton seen all dressed up for what looks like a party of just a night out at the club with her electronic cigarette.

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