Redneck Break Ups

1.   If you break up and he says "It's alright we can still be cousins."

2.   If after your divorce, state law says your still legally brother and sister.

3.   If he breaks up with you while he's pulling away with the trailer.

4.   If either one of you has a mullet it's an automatic redneck break up.

5.   If he breaks up with you a bar called "The Piggly Wiggly."

6.   If when you break up she say's this trailer just ain't big enough for the both of us.

7.   If she leaves you for your cousin.

8.   If she breaks up with you but still sleeps over every night.

9.   If he says it's over and moves back over to his mom's trailer, next door.

10. If the reason you broke up was that you caught him faking being in jail so that he could get a night out to cheat.