Looks like there must be a fault line somewhere near Timpson, TX. The second earthquake in a week shook the area, centered in Timpson but felt as far north as Shreveport and as far south as Lufkin according to the National Geological Society.  The 4.3 magnitude earthquake started  this morning at 3:12 a.m.

Unlike the last quake in the area this one caused more damage and was almost a full point higher on the scale.

Check out a video of the aftermath of this quake, provided by KTRE.

Here's what they had to say about the damage from the quake:

So far, there are some reports of minor damage in the Timpson area, such as fallen dishes, broken windows, and the most significant damage so far being reported at the Ollie Barrett residence, where numerous bricks from their chimney came crashing down into their living room, along with their television. This is the second time in a week an earthquake has hit near Timpson. Last Thursday a 3.7 quake rattled the area.

Did you feel the earthquake?