Watch out! Simon Cowell is seriously pissed at NBC, claiming the broke a 'gentleman's agreement.' So let me see if I can get this straight... The Voice on NBC was scheduled to kick off their new season next Monday and Tuesday. The X Factor was scheduled to premiere on Wednesday... Then those dirty rotten scoundrels at NBC decided to pull what Cowell considers a fast one... They extended the season kickoff of The Voice to run Monday, Tuesday AND Wednesday, pitting the shows against each other. What's wrong Simon? Afraid of a little competition?  Excuse me, but that's what I thought DVRs were made for??? Seriously, if you're that big of a reality based music competition show fan, record one. Just saying! Apparently, Simon thinks this heinous act is retribution for some shenanigans that happened between the shows British offshoots. Let the games begin! You know the fur is going to be flying with Britney and Christina going head to head!