Kids, before you start singing one of K-FOX 95.5's most popular tunes, you may want to think about singing it in your head, not out loud.

First-grade elementary school student, D’Avonte Meadows, from Sable Elementary in Aurora, Colo. was given a three-day suspension last week for singing a lyric to the catchy song 'I'm Sexy And I Know It.' to one of his female classmates.

“I only just said the song,” Meadows told Denver’s ABC7 News. “I’m sexy and I know it.”

School officials said D’Avonte was suspended for sexual harassment after he sang and the line  to a female classmate who was standing in a lunch line. Unfortunately,  it wasn’t the first time he’d serenaded this girl with this particular lyric.

Though D'Avonte's mom admits her son has had disciplinary problems in the past, singing that exact song, she still doesn't believe his recent actions could be considered as sexual harassment. ABC news reports however that the young boy was "shaking his booty" near the little girl's face.