The magical red hot Sriracha rooster sauce is the latest food to join the 21st Century and pick up tweeting. What sorts of things does a condiment think about during the day? Now we know.

Huy Fong Foods, the makers of that magical bright red hot sauce with the green lid, signed up for the service on Friday, and have been tweeting up a storm, replying to everybody that mentions them. So if you've got a hot sauce-related thought, tag 'em and talk directly to the rooster!

You can schedule a tour of the Sriracha factory in California, which sounds both amazingly cool and kind of ridiculous:

Turns out Sriracha is not just a great flavor enhancer, it's also a tech support aid:

And then the entire line of sauces got together for a family photo:

Sriracha hot sauce joins a couple of other star food items on the internet, like Hamburger Helper's Twitter, the entire Denny's menu on Tumblr, and carrots.