After a test period that's been in effect since 2010 at select stores, Starbucks is set to begin rolling out its "Starbucks Evenings" program in 2014. Booze, bacon, and bites, oh my!

40 more stores across the country will begin serving the Starbucks Evenings menu this year, but the nationwide coffee slingin' chain has plans to roll it out to their entire 11,500 store network before too long.

The menu consists of a small sampling of evening snacks, including bacon-wrapped dates, vegetables and hummus, and chicken skewers, and ten wines. Beer selections will vary by store location (so maybe we'll see some interesting microbrews!) so it looks like your local barista is going to have to triple-dip as a sommelier and bartender.

The menu will be available from 4pm until closing, and could change your local Starbucks from a freelancer's office-away-from-home to bangin' nighttime hotspot. Heads up.